Friday, September 26, 2014

Post 3- Community Partners

By having the community partners come to our class and spend time talking to us about what they do, I learned a lot about these new places to volunteer at. I had previous knowledge about the Everyday Warming Shelter and the Oshkosh Food Pantry, so I was very interested to learn about BEAMING. Before knowing about BEAMING, I knew about pet therapy, but my extent of knowledge was therapy with dogs and cats. I would never have guessed that riding a horse could help those with disabilities. One story that stuck out to me was when she talked about a child arriving that was severally tense when he arrived. So stiff that he remained in the same position that he had in his wheel chair. However, after he road the horse his body was like Jell-O, from that warmth and connectedness to the horse. It was a very empowering thought of how much these horses do for the people who engage with them. I could tell that the women who came to talk to us really liked their job for those kinds of memories. I also learned how much time goes into maintaining BEAMING and having it be successful. They need volunteers for a vast variety of tasks. They need people who can work with the children who have disabilities so that the environment is safe and to ensure them the best experience. They need people who are able to take care of the horses so that they can perform to the best of their ability, as well as those to work with the horse as ride. I am really happy that I leaned about BEAMING because I think it is a great way to volunteer and help many people. Not only does volunteering mean a lot to the workers, but also to those who come to use it and their families.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blog 2-Gift Giving today

In todays culture, I always associate gift giving to be a genuine gesture. Gift giving is something that you do to be kind, to show your friendship or love to someone. Often times, gift giving is in relation to a specific event. For instance, a birthday, wedding, christmas, etc. It has become a part of our tradition, not only accepted by also expected. Since a young age I was always taught that christmas was associated with presents. Not that it's what christmas is all about, but as a kid it was worth being good all year for the presents from Santa. These gifts to me were a reward. However, as time went on, and I inevitably found out the truth about Santa, gifts were no longer a reward. It became more of a tradition and expectation that on christmas, I was suppose to wake up with presents under my tree. The reason i think that the gifts continued even after I found out about Santa was not only because of tradition but of joy. When I get a gift from someone, it makes me happy. It becomes an endless cycle of being happy to receive a gift from someone and giving a gift to someone to see that happiness. What I found to be interesting, was how gift giving has already changed through my own life. The mere thought of a gift had even changed. As a child it was all about the toys and clothing I got, but material items aren't as much to me now. I much rather have a birthday full of friends rather then presents. That is what I think is so interesting when looking at medieval gift giving, and that of today. If it can change for me personally, it must have become different over that long period of time.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Blog 1-Community Experiences

 I am apart of the sorority Gamma Phi Beta here on campus, and over the past year I have been involved in many community experiences with them. My sorority does multiple volunteering and one organization that we are apart of in Girls On The Run. This organization is meant to help empower girls and build up their self-esteem, by having them work up to completing a three-mile run. The volunteering takes place over a month, where we begin by working with the girls in running exercises that are meant to give them confidence. Some of the activities include running with the girls for a certain
distance, and after they have to explain something they like about themselves. When the month is over the girls have many thing that they say that they love about themselves and we finally have the run/walk for them. My involvement in this event was to take part in what was called The Crazy Hair Station. When the girls arrive, we do their hair in a crazy way, adding color spray, headbands or braids, to make them feel a little more empowered as they run. Once the run starts, we motivate them through out the run, and welcome them at the finish line. I truly loved my experience volunteering with Girls On The Run, because it made me feel like I really made a difference in these girls confident. When we go to these events the girl really look up to us, and feed off our energy. Since Gamma Phi Beta’s mission is, ‘Women building strong girls’, I really cherish when I can help girls see their potential. Above all, I learned that there are many ways that you can volunteer that you may not have thought of before, but they can still make a difference in someone’s life.