Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Blog 1-Community Experiences

 I am apart of the sorority Gamma Phi Beta here on campus, and over the past year I have been involved in many community experiences with them. My sorority does multiple volunteering and one organization that we are apart of in Girls On The Run. This organization is meant to help empower girls and build up their self-esteem, by having them work up to completing a three-mile run. The volunteering takes place over a month, where we begin by working with the girls in running exercises that are meant to give them confidence. Some of the activities include running with the girls for a certain
distance, and after they have to explain something they like about themselves. When the month is over the girls have many thing that they say that they love about themselves and we finally have the run/walk for them. My involvement in this event was to take part in what was called The Crazy Hair Station. When the girls arrive, we do their hair in a crazy way, adding color spray, headbands or braids, to make them feel a little more empowered as they run. Once the run starts, we motivate them through out the run, and welcome them at the finish line. I truly loved my experience volunteering with Girls On The Run, because it made me feel like I really made a difference in these girls confident. When we go to these events the girl really look up to us, and feed off our energy. Since Gamma Phi Beta’s mission is, ‘Women building strong girls’, I really cherish when I can help girls see their potential. Above all, I learned that there are many ways that you can volunteer that you may not have thought of before, but they can still make a difference in someone’s life. 

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