Thursday, September 18, 2014

Blog 2-Gift Giving today

In todays culture, I always associate gift giving to be a genuine gesture. Gift giving is something that you do to be kind, to show your friendship or love to someone. Often times, gift giving is in relation to a specific event. For instance, a birthday, wedding, christmas, etc. It has become a part of our tradition, not only accepted by also expected. Since a young age I was always taught that christmas was associated with presents. Not that it's what christmas is all about, but as a kid it was worth being good all year for the presents from Santa. These gifts to me were a reward. However, as time went on, and I inevitably found out the truth about Santa, gifts were no longer a reward. It became more of a tradition and expectation that on christmas, I was suppose to wake up with presents under my tree. The reason i think that the gifts continued even after I found out about Santa was not only because of tradition but of joy. When I get a gift from someone, it makes me happy. It becomes an endless cycle of being happy to receive a gift from someone and giving a gift to someone to see that happiness. What I found to be interesting, was how gift giving has already changed through my own life. The mere thought of a gift had even changed. As a child it was all about the toys and clothing I got, but material items aren't as much to me now. I much rather have a birthday full of friends rather then presents. That is what I think is so interesting when looking at medieval gift giving, and that of today. If it can change for me personally, it must have become different over that long period of time.

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