Friday, October 17, 2014

blog 6- Medieval help

There were many way in that the medieval communities responded to the problems of the needy. One of these was creating hospitals, however hospitals were very different then what we have come to know them as. There were multiple hospitals created such as leper houses, Almshouses, hospices, and institutions that cared for the sick. In our current day in age we no longer have leper houses, and those that we do tent to in hospitals have also change. During the medieval time periods they would tent to the sick much like we do, but not to those you were extremely sick. What I mean is that if someone came in with an illness that needed extensive amount of care they would not be very welcomed because they would take up to much supply and cost of the hospital.  Due to this, hospitals were more of a pit stop for the poor to come in and be taken care of. Instead of having the needy wandering on the streets, they would take them in to have shelter and food. From what I have learned about these types of hospitals, much prefer one of today then in the past. Not only with technology being better, but due to what I have grown up thinking hospitals should be. To me they are a place you got to for help, no matter how sick you are. While I do admire the medieval hospitals for helping the poor, we now have new establishments, such as homeless shelters, which cater to the needs of the needy. However, there are ways in which I think our society can learn something from those of the medieval communities. When continuing to learn about how the people of those times help the poor, it seems as if that was a typical way of life; take the needy and bring them in to a hospital to gain back their health. IN many ways I believe we should strive more to make helping the more something that is a part of or everyday life.

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