Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blog 7- Charity

When thinking of charity and poor relief my mind always goes to what I have been introduced to on this topic. I have grown up in Madison, a fairly large city, where homeless people are very prevalent. Due to what I have witnessed, I have learned how needed charity and poor relief is. I have also learned much about charity coming to college, and working with my sorority. One example of the work I have done with my sorority was relay for life. We were able to raise money and show our support for those affected by cancer. These examples of what I have been introduced to reflect my opinion on the topic of Charity and poor relief. Weather it is helping the homeless or donating your time to a charity, relief is needed. I think that in America we are very aware of those going through poverty and organizations that need help. By being aware, I also think that goes to show how much it is needed. If no one were to come to rely for life, for example, then no money would be made to go to cancer and further no progress would be made. This is why I think charity is so important because not only does it help the current issue, but can lead to a brighter future. The same can go for giving to the homeless. If you were to give a meal to someone in need, that allows them to survive one more day. That next day they could get a job and contribute more to society. This is what I think charity and poor relief needs to be and looked at as, helping those around you today to better their tomorrow. This notion isn’t a new one, and can clearly be seen in what we learned about medieval poor relief.

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