Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blog entry 5

I have yet to be able to participate at my community service option, The Oshkosh Food Pantry, but I have been able to learn much about them. The pantry is located at 2551 Jackson Street, which makes it a great choice for students to volunteer at. When going to the pantry it is similar to going to a grocery store, food is displayed and available to be taken. However, the difference is that the pantry gives the food away rather then having people pay. It is a great place to go to if you are unable to support yourself or your family. This way you are able to give your family what they need, and not go hungry. The reason they are able to give this food away is from collecting donation. It allows the pantry to be stock with food, and that is why they need many volunteers. With the food pantry, there are many jobs that you can do, such as; organizing food, helping customers and shelving the food.  This is an aspect that I really enjoy about this volunteer option, because you can do something different each time you go. I will be able to learn about the time that it takes for each job and just how important they are. This pantry does so much for the Oshkosh community, by making sure that each person in need is well fed. I have been able to work at a food pantry before, and what I found was how much time goes into making sure that this organization runs smoothly. What I hope to get out of this experience is a growing application for what I have. I never have been in a situation were food was considered a luxury. So by working at they pantry, I would like to gain some perspective on what these people have to go through.

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