Friday, October 3, 2014

Blog Post 4-Giving and Memory

Before I never thought that charity could have any connection with memory. Now, I have been able to learn a lot about how memory and charity are interconnected so far in this course. When going around campus, and looking for items or money that people donated to the school, I found a common trend. People donated these things to leave their mark on the campus, and not only a good deed, but as a way to remember them. One example of this is the sign in front of horizon, donated by a previous graduating class. While we may not know the people in this class, we recognize them for giving the university this gift. As year go on, the sign will remain there, and future classes with continue to recognize that class for their donation. This recognition that they get, is a reason that I believe people put the time and money into giving to others. While helping others allows oneself to feel good, it is an added bonus to have praise. I connected this to the type of charity that I do in my Sorority. We do many volunteer hours, and even have a minimum amount that we have to achieve. While being able to do that minimum is great, going above and beyond gets us recognition. For example, last year we were able to receive an award for the hours that we put into volunteering. By being able to say that we earned this, it adds to the excitement of volunteering, and now we will be remembered for getting this award. It is very interesting what can become motivators for people to do a good deed. However, it is the sad truth that for some people, being commemorated can be their only motivation for giving at all. I hop that as this class goes on a can further learn about other ways giving can be looked at.

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