Friday, December 5, 2014

blog 10

Coming into this class I have had a lot background in community service. Most of my summers in high school where filled with volunteering, and joining a sorority has gotten me to do even more. What I enjoyed about this particular volunteering experience was that it got me to try something new. Typically when volunteering it is more focused based on things I can do as a group with my sisters, for example, making holiday cards for troops or tie blankets with children. When working at the food pantry it was just myself responsible for something, like sorting food, stocking or checking out. After each time of volunteering at the pantry I felt very different compared to when I volunteer with my sisters. To volunteer at the pantry myself alone had to make the effort to get there, put in time, and my job, which is lead to a lot more work being put into my volunteering. Usually in the sorority we have someone fine an organization to work with and its all arrange, all I really have to do is show up. I really enjoyed putting more work into because it made me feel much more accomplished at the end of the day. Now that it is the end of the semester, I will of course continue volunteering with my chapter, but I would love to go back to the food pantry. I think that is has given me an opportunity to do something different and develop a new passion. I hope to not only go back there myself but I also hope to be able to bring some of my sisters with me from time to time. If I can feel so good after volunteering at the pantry, I would love to share that feeling with them too.